To Protect and Serve

UCF PD among the first in central Florida to adopt body cameras.

In the wake of the Michael Brown decision in Ferguson, Missouri and the Eric Garner decision in New York, the nation has called for answers on how to make sure incidents like this never happen again.

To ensure a situation like the latter will never happen, UCF Police is among the first in central Florida to adopt body cameras to be used by their officers.

In fact, UCF P.D. has had their body cameras in use for the past four years. While the university’s police cars do not contain cameras, […] Continue Reading…

Lions Make a Roar: Orlando City Soccer Prepares for the Big Leagues

Courtesy:  Orlando City Soccer.

Orlando City Soccer started their first practices on Friday, January 23rd.

The second biggest sports franchise ever for the City Beautiful started their practice sessions this past week.  The Orlando City Soccer Lions are launching into Major League Soccer (MLS), a first for the city of Orlando, and the team has high hopes for the future.

Although the season doesn’t officially start until March, already 10,000 season tickets have been sold to a growing fan base.  Bringing in big names like superstar soccer player Ricardo Kaka of Brazil has also helped fuel the excitement for the newest sports team in town.

On Friday […] Continue Reading…

Volusia County Council Votes to Raise Beach Access Fees

Daytona Beach

Photo By: Tom MacNaught

Fees to drive on the beaches in Volusia County rise for the first time in two decades.

Next time you’re heading to the beach, along side your towels and sunscreen, you’ll need to bring a few extra bucks. Volusia County beaches such as Daytona and New Smyrna will see an increase in their daily toll fees starting February 1st, 2015.

The Volusia County Council voted to raise the prices on January 22nd, 2015. The county’s news release shows that the price to drive on the beach is now at five dollars for a day pass. However, beach lovers can expect to start paying […] Continue Reading…

Need A Better (K)night’s Sleep?

The Sleep Cycle website goes into detail about how it functions.

Sleep may be considered one of the most important and favorite things to do for a college student.

Although Orlando ranks as the city with the worst quality of sleep in the country, it also manages to have the best wake-up mood.

The Sleep Cycle app supplies data to help you determine how well you sleep.  It also provides users with an alarm that wakes you while you’re in the lightest cycle of sleep.

Orlando ranks third in the country for its citizens being the most anxious and stressed out before heading to bed.  A few ways to improve your sleep is by relaxing […] Continue Reading…

Knights Give Back to Those with Special Needs

Nin El-Khoury landed her dream job after graduating from UCF.

Giving back to the community is important and UCF Alumna, Nin El-Khoury makes sure she does just that.

El-Khoury graduated from the University of Central Florida in the summer of 2009 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.  With this program, El-Khoury was able to combine three interests that she is passionate about: special education, marketing, and non-profit management.

She is now a director of the Special Needs Recreation Department for the City of Altamonte.  El-Khoury advises students who are not sure where their journey at UCF will take them to volunteer as much as possible.

To learn more about the Interdisciplinary Studies major, […] Continue Reading…

UCF Graduate is a Finalist in Doritos Super Bowl Ad Contest

Kleinschmidt and his father on set.

Photo by Brian Kleinschmidt

Brian Kleinschmidt is looking at the win of a lifetime.

Kleinschmidt graduated from UCF’s Nicholson School of Communication in 2004. During his time at UCF, he was a Radio-Television Production major. He used his creative talents this year to make his entry in the ad contest. The winner will receive one million dollars and a dream job with Universal Studios. His entry is tilted “Mis Spelling Bee.” The ad features two kids competing in a spelling bee, where the first place winner earns a college scholarship and the second place winner takes home a supply of Doritos. The kids purposely mis-spell the words in order to win […] Continue Reading…