ISIL Murders British Citizen in Latest Video

Courtesy of SITE Intelligence Group

ISIL beheads British aid worker David Haines, UCF students react
Syrian student Lora Abdulhak told UCF Knightly News that she moved from Turkey because the violence was getting too close to where she lived in Damascus.

“Everything that’s going on over there is affecting each and every one of us in ways that we can’t even describe because it’s hard not knowing what’s actually going on. And the fact that our own government is the one who’s been torturing us and making us go through a lot,” Abdulhak added.

Another UCF student, Whitney Hebbert added “The unrest in the Middle East surrounding ISIS is [...] Continue Reading…

Rice Video Leads to Domestic Violence Awareness

UCF Knight Advocates at Breezeway location

A video of NFL running back Ray Rice is bringing domestic violence into the public spotlight

The video shows 27-year-old Ray Rice entering an elevator then punching his then-fiancee Janay Palmer at an Atlantic City casino in February. Palmer has since married the athlete. She is now defending him online after he was suspended indefinitely from the NFL and released from the Baltimore Ravens.

Sarah Carter intern at UCF Victim Advocates has seen this social problem close up and uses what she learns at the office to help her own friends.

“It’s been very hard for them,  its been emotional, physical, many different… it can take many different forms and [...] Continue Reading…

Former NY Firefighter Reflects on 9-11 Nearly a Decade Later

Former New York firefighter Bob Moore expresses the importance of remembering September 11th in the United States and his experience thirteen years ago.









Knights Never Forget

group 9:11

A disaster that took only 12 seconds to transpire is remembered 13 years later around the world and right here at UCF.


Civil engineering student Clayton Campbell remembers a friend who fell in the aftermath while cleaning up the towers.


“Me and my … best friend, who’s like my brother he actually had his dad’s friend that was a firefighter who died in 9/11, so we always listen to a song called ‘Never Forget’ and we always listen to that in the morning on 9/11,” said Campbell.

He also chooses to reflect in his own private way.


ROTC Officers [...] Continue Reading…